Blocking power

I finished knitting this shawl (Faraway, So Close) last year but only got around to blocking it today.  With the utmost ease I got it to 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep (the size of my dining table); if I had had more space I suspect I could have blocked it to 8 feet wide and at least five feet deep.

It’s knitted with about 18oz of Mosaic Moon BFL Aran in the Morning Dew colourway. I am very happy with the final result.

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Trekkie tragic

While knitting all those circular dishcloths, I could help noticing that the colours (Anchor Magicline, Colourway1454) were highly reminiscent of the colours used for Star Trek uniforms. So of course I had to knit a Trekkie cloth.

and a Tribble tawashi.

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I have now knitted six circular dishcloths. The pattern is very addictive, especially for semi-mindless knitting while watching Babylon 5 DVDs.

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Circular washcloth

All garter stitch and short rows to keep it interesting. Anchor Magicline that I had received in a karma swap. Very sudden colour changes – this is all from one ball.

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Ishbel blocking

I decided to take advantage of a clear dining table (this is a too rare event) to also block Ishbel, which I have made as a surprise for a friend who has had a very rough year. She is a knitter who has never made a shawl. I remember how thrilled I was when I received a shawl as a gift when they were still a big scary mystery to me.  This one took less than 100g of 4-ply Shiloh silk/wool blend.

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Basic wascloth

I always used to wonder why anyone would knit a dishcloth.  The answer is that they are fast, easy and infinitely better to use than the Made In China crap one buys in stores nowadays. And they are great for stash-busting bits of cotton yarn – this one took just 27g.

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Shawlette for Sonya

Sonya shawlette

Have finished my first project; a shawlette for my friend Sonya made out of 100g of Hip Knits Aran silk that has been sitting in my stash for about 2 years. Improvised pattern but was inspired by the Faraway, So Close shawl. Crocheted a rosette with last bit of yarn.

Sonya shawlette detail

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