big scarf 2The yarn for this scarf had been hibernating in my stash for at least 2 years.  It was one of those yarns that looks delectable in the skein – a super soft, chunky thick and thin handspun – but knitting it up was always far more problematic.  A 175g skein it was always going to become a scarf but finding the right stitch to showcase the yarn AND produce a wearable object was a bit more difficult.  I contemplated a drop-stitch pattern but in the end cast on 10 stitches and did a very simplek1, [ k2tog, yo] X 4, k1  ‘lace’ on 15mm needles.

It was a very quick TV knit and the end result is satisfactory but I felt like I was ‘cheating’, having gone far beyond this sort of knitting over the past few years.  It will al;most certainly be a birthday present for a non-knitting friend.

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